When you arrive for your new patient exam, please be prepared to complete some insurance and health information forms that will allow us to begin your dental treatment. We will be sure to schedule your arrival time to allow adequate time for this. Complete information about your insurance provider/plan(s) will allow us to help you best utilize and maximize your insurance benefits.

Your initial exam will last approximately ½ to 1 hour, depending on your condition and needs. Your exam will include a review of your medical and dental condition and medications. An oral cancer screening, detailed analysis of each tooth and gum tissues will accompany an examination of the soft tissues of the mouth and lips. We will also complete an evaluation of your bite and jaw joint (TMJ). Your dental findings will be explained to you either at this initial visit or at a subsequent consultation appointment.

The goal of this initial experience is to co-discover and understand your unique dental condition and, with your input, determine how best to proceed with your own goals in mind.
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